Your Top Favorites of 2015

2015 favorites

It's here folks!  Your favorites of 2015.  I can't believe 2016 is here in just two days!  All of your favorites are superb choices!  A big thank you from me to you for taking a minute out of your day to check out my blog!  Here's to a happy new year to all of you.

Gingerbread Maple Muffins

It seems that everyone's all-time favorite this year were these amazing gingerbread maple muffins.  Good choice people!  These are a perfect treat in the morning alongside your cup of coffee.

Strawberry Tart

Runner up for top favorite is this creamy strawberry tart.  A sweet tart crust, filled with pastry cream, then piled high with fresh strawberries. Need I say more?

Pasta with boursin

This penne with zucchini, tomatoes and Boursin cheese is definitely a personal favorite of mine.  Creamy pasta with fresh garden vegetables?  The perfect summer dinner.  And it's fast too!

Whole Wheat Dutch Oven Bread

No-knead dutch oven whole wheat bread. Who doesn't love a good bread recipe?  And, a no-knead recipe to boot!  I freeze several batches of this bread just to have on hand at a moments notice.

Cranberry Orange Cheesecake

Orange-cranberry cheesecake.  My first attempt at making cheesecake-ever!  And it was a total success.  This is the perfect dessert for the winter months for any special, or not-so-special, occasion!

Thai Noodles

One-pot Thai noodles.  One of the tastiest, easiest, weeknight meals around!

Quinoa Black Bean Chili

Quinoa Black Bean Chili is something I could dive into right now.  With temperatures below freezing, this is the perfect, healthy and hearty dish to warm up with.

Toasted Almond Cake

Toasted Almond Cake.  Although this was a fairly recent post, it quickly became a favorite!  This is one of those killer, showstopper desserts.  It is definitely time consuming, but oh, so worth it!  An almond-tinted pastry cream is spread between layers of fluffy, white cake.  Then, a buttery frosting is spread on the outside.  To finish, toasted almonds are gently pressed around the entire cake.  Oh yeahh...

Raspberry Cream Pie

Last, but most definitely not least- Raspberry cream pie!  Fresh raspberries folded into whipped cream cheese and heavy cream, slathered in an oreo crust.  You betcha this is a darn good pie!